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BRAX Feel Good

Discover the diversity of BRAX clothing.

Our Brands
  • Under the core brand of BRAX Feel Good, we make clothes that make you feel good.

    Our exclusive fabrics and innovative production methods ensure that all of our clothing is comfortable to wear. We offer our customers guaranteed style by translating the latest trends into wearable fashions.

  • Stylish, sporty and sophisticated: Raphaela is a renowned brand of trousers for active women with an eye for detail.

    Top-quality fabrics and workmanship along with sophisticated silhouettes guarantee a perfect fit for every body shape.

  • Sporty or classically elegant, yet always modern and functional: EUREX trousers for men meet the highest demands in regards to fabric, quality and workmanship.

    Tailored to suit every body shape, EUREX captivates our customers with innovative silhouettes and an ergonomic fit in every size.

  • BRAX GOLF is the sportswear collection for men and women. The collection of golf clothing offers an impressive level of functionality and quality.

    The trousers and shirts win customers over with their high-end fabrics and sophisticated workmanship. Made from breathable materials, they are also water and wind-resistant.

„In our opinion, careful handling of people and resources
is just as much part of our corporate responsibility
as actively controlling all stages of the production chain.“

Sustainability and future-proof capability – these long-term visions are a defining characteristic for us as a medium- sized family-owned company. We actively embraced entrepreneurial responsibility for a very long time. This is part of our self-image and our corporate identity. At BRAX, we aspire to offer our customers apparel of the best quality at affordable prices, but also incorporate the social and environmental aspects in the manufacture of this clothing as fundamental building blocks.
Firstly, we would like our customers to experience an all-round sense of feel good when they purchase our products. Secondly, the people in our value chain should be able to enjoy ethical and safe working conditions throughout the chain. At the same time, we are committed to the environment and we work continuously on reducing our consumption of resources.
  • Ana and Bastian Schweinsteiger celebrate with BRAX
    Herford, 15.01.2020
    Ana and Bastian Schweinsteiger celebrate with BRAX

    On 14 January 2020, as part of Berlin Fashion Week, the Herford-based fashion label BRAX invited guests to an exclusive house party in an extraordinary location, the "Fabrik 23". The approximately 130 national and international "Friends of the brand" experienced the perfect arc of suspense: A video clip showed new BRAX brand ambassadors Ana Ivanović and Bastian Schweinsteiger being delivered in a wooden box.

  • Top participant in the winter 2018/2019 IHK final examination in textile and fashion
    Herford, 17.12.2019
    Top participant in the winter 2018/2019 IHK final examination in textile and fashion
    We would like to warmly congratulate a former apprentice of ours, Julie-Celine Josupeit, who was the top German participant to pass the winter 2018/2019 IHK final examination in textile and fashion sewing. 

  • BRAX trainees honoured with award
    Herford, 09.10.2019
    BRAX trainees honoured with award
    Our former apprentices Julie-Celine Josupeit and Imke Zurheide have both successfully completed their training in textile and fashion sewing with very good grades. 

  • BRAX jeans are the winner of the "Freundin Perfect Piece Award"
    Herford, 21.08.2019
    BRAX jeans are the winner of the "Freundin Perfect Piece Award"

    Successful women’s magazine "Freundin" has presented awards for the must-haves for the coming autumn/winter season. 

  • Feel welcome! The new trainees for 2019
    Herford, 16.08.2019
    Feel welcome! The new trainees for 2019

    On 1 August, 2019, 22 young people started a new chapter in their lives as apprentices at BRAX.  For the first time this year, BRAX will be providing training in the roles of management assistant in e-commerce and IT specialist in the field of system integration.