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  • Ana and Bastian Schweinsteiger celebrate with BRAX
    Herford, 15.01.2020
    Ana and Bastian Schweinsteiger celebrate with BRAX

    On 14 January 2020, as part of Berlin Fashion Week, the Herford-based fashion label BRAX invited guests to an exclusive house party in an extraordinary location, the "Fabrik 23". The approximately 130 national and international "Friends of the brand" experienced the perfect arc of suspense: A video clip showed new BRAX brand ambassadors Ana Ivanović and Bastian Schweinsteiger being delivered in a wooden box.

    In keeping with the motto "dressed up with somewhere to go", the two top athletes then made their way through the guests to personally present the BRAX campaign and spend an informal evening with them. The claim of "Ana & Bastian love BRAX" gave birth to an idea, with which BRAX wants to emotionally address new national and international target groups. "This evening was a very special moment for BRAX, because for the first time in the company's history, two celebrities are representing our company, our brand values and our fashion," said Marc Freyberg, Director Marketing & E-Commerce/Company Spokesman at BRAX.
    Taking a 360-degree approach, the campaign will be conducted in print, online and on social media, with a focus on the digital sector. Hence the production, which took place in Barcelona in December 2019, focused on moving images that are suitable for all channels and have viral potential. The house party also marked the start of the social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram, with the main campaign starting in March 2020.

    Another highlight of the evening was the "Ana & Bastian love BRAX" capsule collection, which will be available in autumn/winter 2020. It comprises 16 collection pieces, which were curated and personally presented by Ana Ivanović and Bastian Schweinsteiger. "The enthusiastic reactions of our business partners confirm that we've found the perfect faces for BRAX with Ana and Bastian. They will help us continue to develop brand perception in a positive way," says Marc Freyberg. After the official part, the two top athletes mingled with the guests, which resulted in numerous selfies and some relaxed small talk.

  • Top participant in the winter 2018/2019 IHK final examination in textile and fashion
    Herford, 17.12.2019
    Top participant in the winter 2018/2019 IHK final examination in textile and fashion
    We would like to warmly congratulate a former apprentice of ours, Julie-Celine Josupeit, who was the top German participant to pass the winter 2018/2019 IHK final examination in textile and fashion sewing. 
    She was congratulated on this outstanding achievement on 9 December 2019, during the “National Honour of the Best in IHK Professions” event in Berlin. Stefan Schwartze, member of the German Bundestag, visited BRAX in Herford on 4 December 2019 in order to personally congratulate Julie-Celine Josupeit, also paying a visit to her work station.

  • BRAX trainees honoured with award
    Herford, 09.10.2019
    BRAX trainees honoured with award
    Our former apprentices Julie-Celine Josupeit and Imke Zurheide have both successfully completed their training in textile and fashion sewing with very good grades. 
    In recognition of this special achievement, they were both invited to the IHK Ostwestfalen’s National Honour of the Best event on 8 October 2019, where the three best occupational apprentices in each respective IHK district were honoured.

  • BRAX jeans are the winner of the "Freundin Perfect Piece Award"
    Herford, 21.08.2019
    BRAX jeans are the winner of the "Freundin Perfect Piece Award"

    Successful women’s magazine "Freundin" has presented awards for the must-haves for the coming autumn/winter season. 

    Among the winners are the BRAX Shakira jeans, which are an absolute must in every wardrobe. We are delighted to receive this award!

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  • Feel welcome! The new trainees for 2019
    Herford, 16.08.2019
    Feel welcome! The new trainees for 2019

    On 1 August, 2019, 22 young people started a new chapter in their lives as apprentices at BRAX.  For the first time this year, BRAX will be providing training in the roles of management assistant in e-commerce and IT specialist in the field of system integration.

    "We are looking forward to supporting the young men and women in taking this important step in their lives and we wish them all every success and hope they really enjoy the training," says Uwe Hetberg, HR manager at BRAX.