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Our BRAX Code of Conduct

As a successful, commercial company we undertake above-average investments in our products and their quality. Nevertheless, wherever our products originate from, we work continuously in the context of our global business to establish permanent and fair trading relations. The basic principles of our procurement strategy are therefore to exercise great care in selecting our suppliers, review and look after them, and to support their development.

The requirements for socially ethical production demanded by BRAX for its suppliers are defined by the items in the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct below.

At the latest before we issue the first production order, we require businesses to make a written commitment to compliance with the Code of Conduct – the Code of Conduct governing working conditions of amfori BSCI. The Code includes conditions for socially ethical production. The Code of Conduct must be displayed clearly visible in the national language for all employees at the production facilities. All employees must receive training from the management of the business relating to the content of the agreement and they must be informed about their rights. BRAX provides proactive support for this.

The signature of the Code of Conduct is only the first step towards ensuring that the business is committed to upholding and complying with social standards. Even more important than the written acknowledgement is for the business to be in a position to understand the meaning of the requirements and ultimately implement these successfully and over the long term. Compliance with the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct is therefore then monitored through a regular audit carried out by an independent, external audit company.